Have you been told that you have a borderline condition such as slightly higher than normal blood sugar or cholesterol?

We offer the opportunity to get you well without the use of drugs.  Be pro-active by partnering with a primary healthcare doctor to uncover and heal your body’s health issues before you reach the healthcare industries’ standard lab number to suggest starting medications. It’s all in the numbers: we thoroughly and scientifically test, identify the components that your body is missing or has too much of, and offer the proper nutrients and supplements to create measurable change.  We re-test to see if our protocol is creating a positive change in your lab numbers.  A lifelong daily regimen of medications is not the only path and may accelerate your state of illness.  Starting one medication can lead to taking more medications as the liver and kidneys break down from chronic usage.

Do you have a chronic or elusive condition such as yeast, parastites, gluten sensitivity, hormone issues, thyroid, infertility, multiple sclerosis, Lyme’s disease, heart disease, cancer or diabetes?

Most patients suffering from these conditions go from one practitioner to the next and from one hopeful remedy to the next. More often than not, the bigger picture of why you have this condition is missed. Typically your named condition will be treated without figuring out what is wrong with your body to begin with.  In fact, most conditions such as yeast, parasites, and similar diseases are opportunistic secondary reactions to a more primary underlying condition. Through extensive scientific testing, we can find out what is really going on. Call to find out how we can help you stop chasing your symptoms and start uncovering the true problem.

Visit our case study page to learn where our protocols have benefited patients.

Beck Lab Testing

  • Unlimited ability to test what we want at a fraction of the cost
  • Our basic panel costs $190.00
  • Our findings are kept private unless a government agency subpoenas your records
  • We work to find the cause and help the body heal itself naturally
  • We re-test and monitor your progress adjusting your protocols accordingly

Standard Healthcare System

    • Limited due to insurance reimbursement
    • Investigational testing is not covered by insurance. If insurance were to pay for our basic broad-based blood panel it would cost over $4000.00
    • Positive findings are recorded on your permanent medical record
    • Can treat disease and symptoms without uncovering the real problem

    Let’s stop focusing on naming diseases and start finding out why you have this condition and correct the cause. It’s time to stop masking the symptoms with chemical drugs that provide hope through guesswork and investigate the reasons through science and technology. Why did you get this sick from gluten, a tick bite, sugar, etc. How is it that your friend or family member with a similar lifestyle is not sick? The typical answer is that you have not been tested appropriately and thoroughly. We want to answer these questions and provide safe and sane solutions to get your body truly well.

    Call to initiate the process in uncovering health problems that you suspect you may have or may have been missed by conventional methods.

    At Beck Lab Testing we did not prescribe your medications so we are not going to take you off of them. Our mission is to get you healthy enough so that you no longer need them. If you do not need your medications any more then your prescribing doctor should help you plan a strategy to end their use or lower their dosage if their use is still necessary.