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Get Tested Today for a Healthier Tomorrow

You may have only 20% liver function, 20% kidney function, or 10% pancreatic function before you experience a symptom, and it can take over a decade for cancer to develop.  The most accurate, easy, and affordable tool we have to detect the potential for illness before symptoms are present is investigational scientific lab testing.

Our investigational lab testing produces a 15-20 page report that details your:

  • Heart Risk Assessment
  • Cholesterol Levels
  • Diabetic Risk
  • Hormone Assessment
  • Anemia Assessment
  • Chronic Inflammation Assessment
  • Thyroid Assessment
  • Liver Assessment
  • Gastrointestinal Assessment
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Underlying Hidden Conditions
  • Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies
  • Heavy Metal Levels
  • Toxic Element Levels
  • How medications are affecting
    your organs and nutritional composition

NEWwebheadshotAbout Dr. Beck

While practicing for over 25 years, I have been utilizing nutritional protocols for over 15 years with great success. We have been able to save lives and have helped many patients get healthy enough to not need standard medications. Utilizing scientific laboratory testing has enabled me to uncover hidden health problems often missed by standard practice. Please call for a free phone or in office consultation to find out how I may be of help to you.

Jason Beck, D.C.

Do You Have a Medical Condition?

You may have asked yourself where you health would be 5 or 10 years from now if you continue to stay on a particular medication and whether your condition would heal or simply be masked by medication without the opportunity to feel back to “normal” again.

Thousands of patients have successfully been able to stop use of their medications or lessen their dosage following their investigational lab testing.  In cases where a condition requires continued medication use, we suggest and offer supplementation to uniquely support or replace nutrition you may be losing due to your particular medication use.

Conditions That May Be Helped - (Click on a title for more information)

Joint and Spinal Pain

When the body is depleted of nutrients due to various scenarios including malabsorption, insufficiency, or toxic overload, the body will break down muscle and non-essential tissue to free up nutrients and amino acids. From the brain’s perspective, our joints, muscles, and bones are non-essential while our organs are essential.  If your body needs nutrients for these so-called essential organs, it may take the nutrients out of your joints, muscles, and bones, leading to pain due to depletion.  You may have pain because your body may be sacrificing the nutrients needed in your joints for a “more important” issue such as a heart or other condition of the essential organs.  When we test you, we may be able to see why you have chronic pain.

Disconcerting Family History

Patients will often voice concern regarding their family histories. They fear that they will get the same cancers, diabetes, and heart conditions that their relatives have or had. Instead of just hoping for the best, you can take action. Through investigational testing, we can see markers in the blood that indicate an upcoming or hidden health condition. This type of testing is extensive and very unlike the basic testing that your insurance will pay for.

It is said that your genes load the gun but your environment pulls the trigger.  If you are tested, you don’t have to continue worrying about how your family’s health history may be affecting you now.

Are Your Supplements Working?

Rarely do we find a patient entering our office who has been tested to see what supplements their particular body needs. Most patients are taking a supplement because they heard about it in the news, or a friend suggested it, or a professional recommended it but did not test for it.

Furthermore, the quality and efficacy of supplements are constantly in question in the media and for a good reason. The retail market for supplements is unregulated. Independent studies often find toxins, plastics, and heavy metals, and often the dosage of the supplement is much less than what the label says should be in it.

At Beck Lab Testing, we scientifically test your blood and hair to see what you really need to be taking.  We don’t guess, we test.  Furthermore, utilizing dietary and lifestyle plans and physician grade supplements guaranteed to be free of toxins with the labeled amount of dosage in them, we ensure quality care.  We periodically re-test to be sure that your levels are where they should be and adjust your protocol accordingly.

High Performing Athlete

Your body is like a battery requiring all of the nutritional elements necessary to create the most power for performing. It is the hope that eating a well-rounded, organic, and non-GMO diet would provide all of the necessary nutrition that your body needs for the high performing athlete, but unfortunately this is not the case. Our soils are depleted and our environment is tainted so that an organic orange may look and taste like a nutritionally packed orange but may in fact be void of the expected levels of nutrition.  Our supplements offer the missing nutrients.  You may further have deficiencies in your body that are preventing the proper absorption of these nutrients. We test for that.

Another important test that we run on all athletes is a blood marker that can show the potential for an impending heart event such as a heart attack or stroke. Tests like this are typically run after you have had a heart attack, but we run these tests before a potential heart event to see how healthy your heart is.

All of our testing and physician grade supplements are safe and compliant for random drug tests.

Heavy Metal & Toxic Element Toxicity

Heavy metal and toxic element toxicity has been linked to many medical conditions. When the body is overwhelmed with metals and toxins, the body’s immune function may be depleted as it is occupied with toxins. The body will use minerals to help remove toxins from your body, potentially robbing you of vital nutrients. The body may even pull minerals such as calcium from your bones to perform such tasks. Additionally, chronic and difficult conditions such as yeast, parasites, and hormone problems (see below) may be linked to high levels of toxins in the body.

Using our methods, we see these conditions improve or clear up after lowering the toxic load on the body.  We utilize a safe and comprehensive multi-step process to test for and, if appropriate, gently remove toxins from the body. The process is done at home over a period of time that is appropriate for you.

Liberating toxins through cleanses on your own without proper laboratory testing and agents may lead to hospitalization and even death in more extreme cases. Please call us today so that we can properly test for, and, if necessary, eliminate these toxins from your body.

Retired Military Detoxification

Exposure to processed food, vaccinations, lead, mercury, etc, during military service can lead to an accumulation of toxins and metals being stored in your body for decades. This can affect your body function as well as mood.  If mental focus and mood are concerns, we have natural physician grade supplements that may be helpful.

We honor your service (Dr. Beck’s father was a WWII Air Force veteran) and will do our best to get your body functioning more effectively. Please see the above section regarding heavy metals and toxic elements for more details.

Fertility Problems

By broadly testing the body and feeding it the nutrition that your particular body needs, many patients who have had fertility problems and difficulty getting pregnant are able to get pregnant.  The majority of women are taking general retail grade supplements for nutritional needs. These retail brands may in fact be ineffective, contain heavy metals and/or toxic elements, and the wrong dosage for your body. Additionally, without proper testing, you may be unaware of hidden problems that may be causing your difficulties.  We can order testing specific to fertility such as hormone panels and male fertility tests at prices typically lower than your medical co-pay or out-of-pocket costs.

Waiting for an Organ Transplant

Although at first it may sound medically impossible, some patients have been saved from having to have a transplant by utilizing lab testing methods followed by nutrition and supplement-based protocols. Success of course depends on the level of damage and individual circumstances. If you are already set up for a transplant and are waiting, our approach is worth a try and could change your condition.